Prompts I have to fill: 

Basically I need to list them or I’ll lose my mind. 


-Slutty Niall {Highschool AU}

-Ziall Smut

-Zianourry {Liam gets punished}

-Ziam Smut {Highschool Au - Body shots}

-Zouis {Protective Zayn}

-Zianourry smut {Nouis dominates}

-Nouis {Jealousy/smut}

-Nouis Smut {Niall gets punished}

-Zianourry {Dirty truth or Dare}

-Narry Mpreg

-Zianourry {Liam kidnapped by crazy fan}

-Nouis Smut

-Narry {Fighting/Car Crash}

-Lirry {Harry asthmas attack}

-Zianourry {Harry kidnapped}

-Zianourry {Harry,abusive boyfriend}

-Ziall {HS AU, Protective Zayn.}

-Larry {Zayn = cockblock}

-Niam fluff {12 days of Christmas}

-Ziall First Time {Niall tops}

-Lilo {Liam passes out}

-Niam {Niall gets hurt}

-Niam {Shirtless cuddling}

-Zianourry {Claustrophobic Niall}

-Niam {Rough/Very Smutty}

-Niam {Protective Liam}

-Niam {Established, Niall’s hard to get}

-Zianourry {Never have I ever}

-Lirry {Harry feels neglected}

-Angsty Ziall

-Larry Smut {HS AU}

-Niam Smut

-Larry {Harry’s jealous}

-Ziam {Liam’s easily aroused}

-Nouis {Niall thinks Lou hates him}

-Larry {w/teasing}

-Zianourry {Niall feels overlooked}

-Ziall {Jealous/horny Niall}

-Nouis {teasing}

-Zayn/Louis/Harry {Sex Tape}

-Lilo Truth or Dare {Smut}

-Ziall {Niall breaks his arm}

-Ziam {Fighting/fluffy ending}


So…a lotta smut, eh?

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