Love Me, Overwhelm Me ~ Niall-Centric Zianourry

Anyway, this turned out very descriptive and fluffy. I don’t know. It is Niall centric, kind of him explaining how each of the other boys loves him. Hope you like! (:

I’m lucky. I’m lucky because I have eight arms to hold me, eight lips to kiss me, eight beautiful eyes to stare into. And four unique and irreplaceable hearts that love me. And when it’s all quiet and dark and the world has other things to do than to watch us, I can feel this luck and love so overwhelmingly and I think to myself: I would never give this up. Ever. For anything.


Liam is a force all his own. I can’t compare him to much that I’ve experienced. His love is pure and real and unwavering. 

He is true to every word he says, so he will never promise you what he can’t deliver. And he won’t lie. But when he whispers those perfect words to me, I know without doubt that he’ll do all he can to make it real.

"I love you Niall." He breathes into my ear and drags my hand to meet the skin above his heart. His hand is on my chest, too, and every beat matches perfectly. 

"I’ll always love you." He promises in that low, hearty voice he saves just for us. And I watch his eyes, the way they linger on my lips when I speak. And then he leans over and kisses me softly, caresses me like I’m some rare treasure.

And then he hooks his arm over me and holds me there against him for hours, humming my favorite songs and just letting me talk. Or even if we don’t talk. We don’t need to, that beauty of it is that we’re connected in a way that doesn’t require us to try. We just work.

Liam isn’t one thing, he’s many. He’s many, many layers and hidden things that I just love trying to find. He is tenderness and strength, loyal and good-hearted. He is what holds my world together. He is the glue that holds us together.


Harry is the most simple though somehow most profound person I’ve ever met. He cares so much about everyone, gives so much. He is passion and perfection even in uncertainty.

He loves like nothing I’ve ever known. And he searches the world over for ways to be better for you, to show people just how much he cares. But I tell him, I know. I know how much he cares. And when he smiles at me and thanks me for understanding, I can’t help but feel so special, because this rare soul loves me. 

"You make my world so much better." He tells me, hands intertwined. He’s always so close, so within reach and I thank God for that. Even when he’s gone, he’s here.

"You’re like my light, Niall." He giggles and it’s cheesy, but I don’t care. Because he’s here with me and he’s speaking from his heart, even if it isn’t a long speech. It doesn’t have to be, I feel blessed just to hear those words from him. And he captures my mouth in his and the world melts away. His energy is startling.

And he pulls me into his arms like he’ll never let me go. He’ll sing to me if I ask and I get lost in his voice. But even in silence, I hear the white noise of peace and I feel whole. And on some unseen level, we know we’re both at our bests when we’re together.

Harry isn’t someone you can categorize. He’s not a certain kind of lover. He just loves with everything. Loves the world, loves the people. Loves us. He is unique and spectacular in my eyes. He’s my little maze of breathtaking twists and turns. He is the breath of life to us.


Louis is something else, in the very best way. He is just so full of life and vibrancy. I found that I can’t take my eyes off him most of the times. I’m not complaining. He’s a fire, burning bright and beautiful.

His love is spontaneous and bursting, keeps you on your toes. But he can be soft sometimes. That’s what so interesting, he’s both a whisper and a rebel yell. And he will show you every side of him, just so you can get to know him and love him more. And its so easy to love him, he’s just so inviting. I almost can’t believe he’s real sometimes. My mirage.

"You’re so cute." He coos and I just laugh when he brushes his fingers through my hair. I lay on his chest breath in his scent. Smells like sunshine.

"Stay here forever." He whispers as his lips- like velvet curtains- reveal that striking smile. And in reality, we can’t stay that way forever, but he promises together, always. The way his face emphasizes his words just delights me and I reach and touch him to make sure it isn’t a dream. He kisses me quick, leaves a laugh on my lips. My oasis.

And he just curls into me, around me, as close as he can be. We laugh together like a perfect song, unpredictable yet harmonious. There’s a sudden kiss, a little bite, an attack of a hug when you’re eyes are falling shut. It’s so random it’s like an art.

Louis is one who fits the world nicely, like in a picture. But he stands out against the backgroun and puts the other features to shame. He’s fearless, ferociously original, and so bright it’s breath taking. He’s like color. 


Zayn is word I haven’t yet learned. Some lingering, addicting taste on my tongue. He’s mysterious but not at all dark. He draws the attention of those around him without any effort. It’s intriguing. He’s an exotic place I never cease to want to discover.

He’s so thourough in the way he loves, with the ability to balance his and your needs, but always give you more than he takes. He’s unsure sometimes, but not naive. He trusts with every fiber of his body, loves with every breath. It’s never too much or too little, but always leaves you wanting more. He’s like a magnet and I’m a paperclip.

"I’ll always be here." He says in to my ear, clear and firm. He kisses my jaw and I leaned back into him. He’s my fortress.

"I’ll never let you go." He promises in a voice so beautiful I could cry. His arms around me tighten and I just melt into him, no desire for freedom when all I have is here with me. The way his blood pulses through him, I can sense it, can almost feel how much emotion lay inside him. Just below the surface. He’s a fantastical world, like in fairytales. And I have the key to the gate, the golden ticket. He kisses me long and slow.

And he just keeps me cradled into his chest and I believe in every corner of my heart that he’ll never let me go. He’s night and I’m day, but we’re attracted like no one would believe. I stopped trying to understand it and just enjoyed it. He kissed the back of my neck and shoulders, raises goosebumps on my skin. So wrong, so right.

Zayn is gorgeous in every sense of the word. Young and wonderfully made, wise and compassionate. Unshaken by the way the world turns. He flies whereas others just walk. And sometimes, we fly together. He’s the detail and the undertone, so important, so necessary to anything. The seams of my life.



So…it’s weird. haha. Hope it’ll do (:

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